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Insurance Policy Examples: Bad Policy #3

If you have not looked at the bad policy #2 yet I suggest you go back and read that one. This one follows #2 because it is on the same insured and from the same agent/company. The only difference here is this policy is 23 years old already and it even terminates...

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Are you gaining or losing by dumping money into your 401k?

Does the next sentence sound familiar? It’s what I was told to do to save for retirement! Stick...

North Dakota Pensions Are Underfunded! So are SD, MN and MT!

The American dream was 30 and out. You only have to work thirty years for your employer and be set...

Is it as easy at the retirement commercials make it look

The commercials are great and the awareness they bring up is right on track for what people need...

770 Accounts

Secret accounts for the wealthy? Legal? Scam? I have gotten a couple calls about this 770 account...

Video Blog -You Can Lead a Human to Knowledge but You Can’t Make Him Think

Thought this fitting to blog about when I saw the photo. I see it every day, leading a human to...