Secret accounts for the wealthy? Legal? Scam?

I have gotten a couple calls about this 770 account business. People are finding this information as they look for alternative ways to invest. To be honest, I had no idea what it was, so I googled it myself and found a GREAT article written by JLM Wealth Strategies, Inc.  John Montoya is a friend and colleague of mine, so I knew his explanation of this was going to be right on and accurate.

Rather than re-explain myself,  John is allowing me to share his blog post for you. Please take note as this new 770 strategy is nothing more than Infinite Banking with a new name!

John’s article:

So about that “770 Account” you’ve been hearing about…

Before I get started on the 770 Account, I want to share with you another little money secret.  It’s called a “401″ account.  It has no guarantees except that you can and will lose money when the market tanks and eventually you will have to pay taxes on it whether you have a gain or not.

Still interested?

It gets even dicier. Your money in this 401 account is in most cases illiquid until after age 59.5 and you have to pay fees on the account (even hidden fees that you know nothing about) for life to Wall Street whether they make you money or not.

Can you guess what it is?!?

If you follow the mainstream financial media you likely have one of these 401k accounts.  You also buy term insurance thinking Whole Life is expensive and have been led to believe permanent life insurance is a waste of money.

Madison Avenue and Wall Street know that if you hear the same thing for long enough, you’ll actually believe it’s true. Those fat cats are pretty clever, aren’t they?

In my honest opinion, only an unwitting person completely unaware of a better option would park their money with Uncle Sam and Wall Street in a retirement account lockbox called a 401k because one entity will tax you for life and the other will bleed your account dry while you take all the risk.

If that’s appealing to you, please proceed with your regularly scheduled programming…

The only people getting wealthy from mutual funds & 401k’s are the financiers on Wall Street!  

My apologies (sort of) for poking fun at the 401k which the majority of Americans use to fund their retirement.  My point in leading off with it is to point out that a “secret” financial strategy like the 770 Account isn’t really much of a secret because it’s actually been around for over 150 years.  Depending on how old you are, your grandparents probably had one!  They certainly didn’t have a 401k and they were smart enough to not trust the banks.

One important difference between the 770 Account and the 401k account is that you’re only familiar with the latter.

The 770 Account is the alternative retirement account that you either have never heard of it before or, if you have, chances are you are most likely misinformed or have yet to be properly educated about the strategy.  (The first giveaway is that you’re calling it the 770 Account!)

I can pretty much guarantee you don’t understand this proven wealth strategy because the life insurance industry doesn’t even teach this strategy.  In fact, it’s still so obscure that it’s now being called the 770 Account by a newsletter putting a new spin on old registered trademark and people are none the wiser.

And if those in the life insurance industry don’t know the in’s and out’s of this financial strategy  (sadly, the majority of advisors use the wrong type of contract), I’m absolutely positive the traditional government approved Wall Street advisor knows next to nothing except what they might have heard about it in conversation from a client asking them to open an account for them.  So for the layperson, knowledge about the 770 Account is even more obscure, if that’s even possible…

The bottom line is this, the 770 Account is very much a secret if you call it by that name.  Lately, I’ve been seeing videos on the internet for a secret investment that of course sounds too good to be true.  It’s called the “770 Account” or “the Presidential Account” but it’s best known as the Infinite Banking Concept® (or IBC for short) which is the original trademark and the trusted source behind this strategy.

For those that already think they know what the Infinite Banking Concept is about, I’m going to stop you in your tracks.  Infinite Banking is more than a Whole Life contract which is simply a product that combines a tax-favored savings component under IRS code 7702 (get it?) with a death benefit to boot.

Brace Yourself…

The 770 Account is BY FAR not too good to be true because it’s actually safer, 100% liquid, and more predictable than any other type of wealth accumulating strategy that exists.

The Infinite Banking Concept® is the only strategy by which you can eliminate uncertainty (Wall Street), usury (bank financing), and taxes (the IRS) from your life forever.

 What could be better than the 770 Account (Infinite Banking)?!?

Answer this riddle and you will know:  It’s more powerful than God. It’s eviler than the Devil. The poor have it. The rich need it. If you eat it you will die.   (Answer below.)

This is what the 770 Account visually looks like (click to enlarge):

Money must reside somewhere. Grow it, keep it, and pass it on!

As an IBC Practitioner, I teach this strategy in my practice and I’ve seen the impact it has had on my client’s lives.  The “770 Account” is the mother of all foundations for wealth building. Why? Because it can give birth to new investments without opportunity cost.  Your money is always working for you even when you deploy it somewhere else!

Educate yourself by doing your own research about the Infinite Banking Concept.

Don’t believe the online jokers on message boards who know nothing about Whole Life contracts.  This includes the typical Wall Street advisor paid to sell you mutual funds or the layperson who only buys term because they’ve never learned how wealthy people accumulate tax-favored money in these accounts using very specific riders to turbocharge the cash values.

For a better understanding of how the 770 Account works, talk to an IBC Practitioner who can teach you the concept.  You can verify my affiliation with the Infinite Banking Institute by clicking here:   Best of all, you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription to a newsletter for learning how you can get started with your 770 accounts.

…and the answer to that riddle above: nothing.

And by the way, the most common lament I hear from people once they learn the truth about the 770 Account/IBC is that they wish they would have known about this decades ago.  (Just heard it again this morning from a 64-year-old gentleman wanting to get started and is two years from retirement.  If this sounds similar to your situation, a different version of the 770 Account is your best bet.  Ask me about it.)

Do yourself a favor and get in touch to request a free Infinite Banking personalized solution today.  Until you see what your plan will look like, you’ll never truly know how much wealth you’re giving away.

You’ll thank yourself later (and your kids and grandkids will, too).


John A. Montoya
JLM Wealth Strategies, Inc.


John is right, contact a certified IBC practitioner today to secure your future. Call it what you want, it works, get started. 🙂

Mary Jo