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Helping you with the practical solution you’ve been seeking to grow wealth without giving up all of the things you love.

Virtual Meetings

Technology allows us to be just on the other side of the screen to meet with, educate, and build strategies for clients all over the United States.

Forward Thinking

You’ll find that it is all about how you think. We’re thinking about securing our client’s wealth and helping them take control of their money for today and every tomorrow.

Available To Clients

We pride ourselves on making continuing education available to our clients. Clients find hundreds of hours of written and video content published by Mary Jo and her team as well as live events and conferences.

Client Support

We make it easy to update your policy and your strategy all while getting the best service this industry has to offer.

Mary Jo Irmen

Infinite Banking Certified

Life Insurance Agent



Infinite Banking Agent

I, along with my agents, have made it our mission to tell the world about the Infinite Banking Concept.

Growing up on a farm and ranch, I learned to love and respect the farming and ranching industries. You know what they say, you can take the girl off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. I also know it is not an easy business to be in; market prices fluctuate while expenses steadily rise. That is why I focus the majority of my time helping farmers and ranchers learn how to use the infinite banking concepts to finance their own operations….without the bank.

If you are not a farmer/rancher that does not mean I won’t help you, too. Like I said it’s my mission to help the world see the benefits of this process.

When this concept was introduced to me several years ago, I thought for sure there must be a catch to it. I was sure this process must be illegal and those using it were going to jail! So, I started to research the concept and began with reading the book Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. I then moved on to four other books within a six week period. This left no doubt in my mind this process and concept worked using methods that are not only legal but also left the volatile market out of the equation.  (For access to those books click here)

This new knowledge left me with that passion and desire I spoke of earlier. To be completely honest, I was a little angry that no one had ever told me about this before. The big question remains, “are we to remain blindingly trustful of the Federal Reserve and Congress to make sure we can keep enough capital to do business and enjoy retirement?” This method is used by some of the most influential and wealthy people in the country. And it is a well-kept secret.

There shall be NO more secrets. From this point forward I am committed to making it my mission to teach people to think differently about how they manage their money, seek out common sense money solutions, and bring back lost money. My agents and I at FiscalBridge are going to teach this concept the right way, the R. Nelson Nash way.

Our Story

FiscalBridge was created to show how you how to use a practical solution to grow wealth without giving up all of the things you love.  FiscalBridge owner and CEO, Mary Jo Irmen, is backed by a team of professionals, experts, and trusted advisors. As of 2017, Mary Jo has published two books and helped thousands of readers learn about whole life insurance and take advantage of its benefits as their life insurance agent.

  • We Create Strategies For Entrepreneurs
  • We Create Strategies For Generational Wealth
  • We Create Strategies For Family Businesses
Mindy Backsen

Mindy Backsen

Executive Assistant

Mindy is your key to all things FiscalBridge, Farming Without The Bank and Wealth Without The Bank or Wallstreet. She is the first voice you will hear when you call the office. Everyone that calls loves her, she is truly dedicated to helping people and loves to hear the stories clients love to share.

She joined Mary Jo in 2016 and brought with her years of experience in the insurance industry.  She’ll help you get scheduled with Mary Jo, ensure that your application is processed quickly, complete any paperwork needed for your policy changes or loans and do all of the follow-up to make it all happen. She is also known to keep the office on track and in working order. If you haven’t met her yet, pick up the phone and call!

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