Coaches of any team make or break that team. They get people motivated to be their best and teach each one team member how to better themselves.

In today’s day and age, we are seeing, at least I am seeing, a lot more coaches for life matters. Coaching has become somewhat popular in the arena of business, marriage, life, religion to mention a few. As I was getting ready today I was thinking about this and the fact that I personally know so many coaches in all these areas.

What really got me thinking was a comment I heard from one of my coach friends as she commented that as a coach they get to root of the problem instead of just staying on the service of the issue.  You know until now I had not really thought about how that would apply to the financial world but it does!

It is perfectly clear in any realm. Think about it, a coach is someone that is going to “teach” you how to get better, work on your fears and encourage you along the way. You then are going to have to be the one learning, practicing and doing

the work. A coach is not going to do all that for you.  A coach is also going to make sure you understand before they move on to the next step. You can’t run before you walk and no one can run or walk for you.

If you don’t have a coach you have an advisor? They do just that, advise. They are going to take your money and manage it for you, leaving you with nothing to do but pat them on the back or be disappointed, depending on how the dice fall on the market that day. You learn nothing in this process as you have given up complete control.

Using the Infinite Banking Concept is more like being coached. You learn how whole life insurance works, why it works, benefits of it and how to manage those loans yourself with our guidance and coaching. Trusting us that we have you in the right product is not the answer, you must know what you are doing and why. Without you knowing that and putting your faith and money into this tool is nothing more than creating another advisor.

The question then is left truly in your ballpark. Do you want to be coached through a process and learn how you can manage your finances yourself or do you want to give up control and base your financial future on faith? After all, it is YOUR money. I personally want to know what is being done with my money, have control of it and learn the processes being used. It is easy to get caught up in motions and following the crowd. It is not easy to step out and be willing to learn.

Please keep this in mind next time you are being sold a service and make sure you are doing what is right for you.

(Disclaimer: I know a couple advisors that teach but as I see it it’s a rare finding)

Mary Jo