More About Infinite Banking & Wealth Strategies Without The Bank

Are You Looking for Living Benefits and Legacy Builders?

Infinite banking is an old financial concept and tool that lets you grow your money safely and securely. 

Infinite Banking uses a whole life insurance policy with added feature most agents don’t know about or some companies may not even offer.

Yes, we said whole life insurance…

You are most likely here because you are looking for something else to do with your money, your frustrated with where you are or you have been directed here. Since you are here, stay and become educated on what this Infinite Banking concept is and why it’s important to you.

The Infinite Banking Concept has been around for years and as some in our industry say the product isn’t sexy and that’s why no one wants to talk about it.

Whole life insurance was the original product and over the years has gotten some knock-offs, the industry just trying to make things look more exciting than they are. Beings there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, FiscalBridge is adamant about following R. Nelson Nash’s approach to this concept.

What is Infinite Banking?

The idea of the Infinite Banking Concept is that you, the hard working American, trying to get ahead is giving away thousands of dollars through to financial institutions by paying them interest. The Infinite Banking Concept shows how you could get this money back into your own pocket by borrowing that money from yourself rather than the financial institutions. Also, teaching you why you should pay yourself interest on the monies you borrowed from yourself.

Why would I pay myself interest on money I borrowed from myself?

Half the battle of how we use money is how we think about money and ourselves. The Infinite Banking Concept asks, if you are so willing to borrow from a bank, for example, and pay them interest why aren’t you willing to do the same when you use your own money?

Do you think more of the bank then you do yourself?

Paying that same interest back to yourself is going to create a much bigger pool of money for you. Much like those financial institutions for charge interest to make money, you are now the one making that money and collecting it.

How does this concept work?

The Infinite Banking Concept teaches you to use the cash value of a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy with an added feature most agents don’t know about or some companies may not even offer.

What is so great about these features?

A whole life insurance policy is a tool. The features that I use (and have been used for nearly 100 years) give you the ability to have earlier access to more of your cash value. Making the policy a financial tool along with the added bonus of death benefit. You now have something that is doing the job of two things rather than just one.

Is this an investment like a 401(k) or IRA?

NO. The founder of the Infinite Banking Concept, R. Nelson Nash, is saying you aren’t “investing in life insurance,” rather you are setting up a very conservative financing system.

Why would I want this rather than and/or a 401(k) or IRA?

Control. With a life insurance policy, you have control of the cash value to use in any way you like without penalty.

Compared to any other readily-available option this is going to give you that kind of control and availability.

What if I can make a better rate of return somewhere else?

If you can find an investment to make you 20%, then great. Go for it!

Infinite Banking is saying, you have to get the money from somewhere to put into that investment, get it from your policy.

So if it’s not an investment and it’s not about the rate of return, what is it about?

The Infinite Banking Concept shows a household where they can put (headquarter or house) their money (wealth). This is not a locked account the way a 401(k)or IRA is currently designed.

Financial institutions are in the business of making money. Think about how much money you would have if you never paid them interest.

Becoming your own banker is something most people never think about. Doing what they do is key to making and keeping more of your own money.

Learn how the benefits of the Infinite Banking Concept can help you and your financial future and why whole life insurance is beneficial when used is this specific manner.

Whole Life Insurance policies are written through the nation’s most trusted companies. The experience that each company brings to the table, matched with their support of the Infinite Banking strategy proves their interest in helping hard-working Americans create solid and stable wealth.

When you work with FiscalBridge, your whole life insurance policy will be structured to maximize your living benefits and at the same time take care of your heirs with the death benefit.

By structuring the policy is in this manner we are creating and environment of safe and guaranteed growth, liquidity of money, and tax benefits.

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