This is not about money being a cause for divorce, however, this can be the solution to the problem.

I tell my clients they NEED to be involved in this process of managing their money. This is not something they have handed over to me, it’s their money, not mine. They are in control and need to tend it.

Pay attention to your money like you do your marriage.

This statement does not just relate to those practicing the Infinite Banking Concept for anyone with money. Not paying attention to your finances will have you in a bad relationship with money just as if you don’t pay attention to your spouse. In marriage, it seems that problems come in when one is paying attention and the other is not, both need to pay attention.

For those who are following the Infinite Banking Concept and you are not asking your agent questions and educating yourself you are only hurting yourself. YOU are the one in control of that money and you are the one who gets to decide how that is used. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it, invest the time.

Is the banker managing your finances, telling you when you can borrow, how much and when you have to pay it back. If so, your marriage is being controlled by someone you are not even married to. Sort of like a controlling mistress, you either continue the relationship or I will tell your spouse and it will cost you more in the end.

Now if you have given your money to a financial adviser that is like paying a marriage counselor every single year just in case you need them because you have no idea how to solve a marriage issue yourself. A retainer of sorts. However, they cannot guarantee with this retainer that they can save your marriage if it should fall or even make sure it works in the short term.

The love of money has a bad rap but it really is necessary. Much like your spouse, you don’t want to be controlled by them or smother them with every bit of your attention but you do want to pay attention. Money is the same way, don’t let it rule you or become more important than your family. If you handle it correctly, you will have a great relationship that will survive your lifetime.

The moral of the story here is PAY ATTENTION to your money and treat it like an important relationship.