That title perked you up and got you reading didn’t it.

After posting on Facebook over some time I have come to the conclusion that money posts do not attract attention like sex posts.

What this tells me is we as a society are more comfortable talking about our sex life with friends and even total strangers then we are talking to these same people about our finances.

When did money become more taboo than sex?
Was money always taboo and sex has maybe just become the norm first?

This frustrates me like nothing else. As a society we complain about the cost of goods, dislike the wealthy and have a mindset of poverty. Yet we don’t think about why the cost of goods go up, ask how the wealthy became wealthy or change our mindset. Instead, we would rather talk about our sex lives because it’s easier and more entertaining.

The big question is why does money remain so taboo?  Following are my thoughts on this matter and the four reasons I believe society does not talk with others about it.


So many have guilt for the debts they have. Why is there so much guilt wrapped up around money and who has made us feel this way?

I know for me I have guilt when I spend money on myself, always questioning if I really needed what I just bought.

We all work very hard for our money and yet when we spend it we feel guilty about it. This feeling may come from the fact that we lose our money in replacement for whatever it is we bought. We can’t get that money back now causing the feeling of scarcity or lack. The lack and scarcity then leads us down the path of poverty thinking, we will never have enough money.

In addition to the guilt of spending money, we don’t share our financial status because there is also that guilt you feel if you make more money than your friends. No one wants to make their friends feel bad so it’s better left alone than to bring it up.

Next may be…


Should others make more than us we may feel inferior. Again, as a society, we are so busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ we forget to look at ourselves and be happy with who we are and what we have.

What may be good enough for one may not be the same desire for another? If you have improved yourself and/or are happy with your life do not let what others have got you down.

And then there is….


This one can be a biggie. Most of us know it as ‘Keeping up with the Jones’’ You think you need to look as good as your friends so you buy things and are maxed out on loan payments.

Eventually, this is the one that will kill you financially.

And finally…


No one wants to be the bragger but is this taken out of context? So many get offended easily that most just don’t even talk about it as not to offend anyone.

You would also hate to be a bragger so it’s better to not say anything and avoid the whole subject. Have we become such an envious society that we can’t even be happy for the guy making more money than us?

As you can see all four of those things can contribute to the taboo nature of money.

Let’s look at this in a whole different mindset.

Instead of feeling the guilt, inferiority, envy, and bragging step back and look at it from another angle.

  1. No guilt is needed if you realize there is enough money to go around, you just need to get it.
  2. No one is inferior to another as you have the same opportunity as your friend to make just as much money. The only thing holding you back is your thinking.
  3. Instead of being envious of your friend why not ask how they are affording all those things. Maybe they have a great savings plan or financing plan that keeps them ahead.
  4. Put your ego aside and dig into learning more about what others are doing. Learn from those who are more successful an in the position you want to be. One’s ego will kill you in a very fast form. Stop thinking you can’t do it and start thinking how to do it.

By thinking any of these four things you are only hurting yourself.

In the end is it these four things keeping us from talking about money or just that it’s not as cool? Will, you continue to pass along, comment and like those posts about sexual content over financial content?

I may not change your mind on this matter but I do hope this has made you think about the subject of money in a new light. What is more important, that funny post and/or that post that may empower your life financially?

Please leave your comments below and or feel free to give me a call.

Mary Jo