Sorry Mr. Banker but we have clients who would rather not borrow from you because they have found a way to keep and use their money more efficiently. This does not mean that we don’t like you, it just means we are learning your tricks and applying them to our own financial system. We thank you for your past efforts and wish you the best of luck.

How much debt are we helping our clients pay off? Yes, that is $4.6 Million and counting.

How much stress, anxiety, and better home lives are we creating? Priceless

What kind of lifestyle changes did these clients have to make? None

I know, you are sitting there telling me there is no way these people can pay off this kind of debt without having to sacrifice their morning coffee stop, their cocktail nights and their family vacations. You question this because you have always been told it can’t be done.  And I am here telling you just that. We do not send you home with envelopes making you figure out every last penny you spend. Envelopes are great for mailing letters to your loved ones but they are not meant to provide guilt when you empty them all and decided to buy the soda at the gas station which put you over budget. It’s similar to weight loss, it is easier to lose weight when you can do it without the guilt trip of messing up and then just saying “Well, I guess this just isn’t going to work for me.”

If you are like my clients, you:

  • – have small to moderate debt and are looking for ways to just get it paid off because you just don’t like debt.
  • – are already watching your pennies and living your lifestyle within your means.
  • – are the hard working American who is just trying to get ahead of the system so you are not caught off guard at some point in life.
  • – are looking and searching for a better system to utilize because you are seeing those using the current system and they are going nowhere.  Well, they are going somewhere and it’s to work at 65 years old or to their second job.
  • – want to get rid of the guilt that comes with debt and feel free.

It can work for you just has it has for all my other clients. It does take some effort on your part. You must be open-minded, willing to learn and ready to start. Again, it’s like that diet, if you know how to eat right then you must apply that knowledge or you will remain where you are today. It’s called “use it or lose it,” use what you know or you will forget and fall back to the same cycle.

If those bullet points above spoke to you and you’re ready to change your finances without changing your lifestyle please contact us to see how it is done.

I hate salespeople! No really, I am not just saying that I do not like them and they drive me crazy. They don’t care about you as a person they only care about making that sale. Most people are scared to make contact for this reason and I completely understand why I don’t do it myself for that very reason. One thing I can promise you is that you will NOT be sold a thing. You will, however, have the opportunity to see how this can help you, simple as that. A look into a more efficient way of keeping what you earn and financing what you buy.

Next question, how much does this cost me? Nothing, it is your time to take a look and see what is out there. I was in no position in my life to give anyone anything for looking and listening and it is important to me that this is passed on to others. It is a no obligation, no pressure way to open your eyes and ears to what is going on outside of what you see every day.

Keep watching our total of debt payoff go up and if you should choose we will be happy to add your numbers in.