Student Loans Revealed

15 Facts Lenders Are Not Telling You

Debt, Stress and Sleepless nights is what comes along with student loan debt.

You are pushed through the system and not told what is happening until it’s too late. Find out now what those facts to freedom are!

Tuition is rising 500 Times Faster then Inflation!

You do not have the luxury to remain informed when you are shelling out ten of thousands of dollars for an education that may or may not get you a paying job.

7 in 10 Students Have Student Loan Debt

It’s sadly become a reality if you go to college you will have debt. Some of this debt can be eliminated with the correct questions.

You will find out:

  • How interest is calculated daily and you get the short end of the stick.
  • Making early payments does not stop interest!
  • Why your monthly payment varies from month to month.
  • Why deferred loans are costing you more.
  • Understanding how payments are applied towards your loan can save you money.

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