“Be sure to contribute to your 401K so you can retire.”

I am sure you have heard this a time or two but is it really the answer to your retirement goals?

My answer is, it is NOT the answer.

When you contribute to a 401K, IRA, Roth, or 529 you are giving up the ability to use your money until you are 59 ½ as well as putting it at risk. After seeing several people in my office who need access to their 401K money now, I felt the need to address this issue.

Access to Money

You are stocking money away for retirement yet you have bills that need to get paid so instead of having this extra money to pay the bills you rack up interest charges in exchange for retirement money. To make matters worse you are most likely paying interest at a much higher rate on your debt then you are even making for a rate of return in your investment.  Where does this theory make sense?

Instead of contributing to an investment you should be putting money in a whole life insurance policy where you have access to it. You are able to borrow against it now to pay off your debt. You then pay it back and once it’s paid back borrow against it again for retirement.

You just got the best of both worlds. Money to use today and money to use at retirement.


When you retire you want to know your money will be there but you don’t know this if your money is in the market. You may be or could be one of those who got hit with the crash of 2008. Many are now working longer or just not retiring.

The young man I visited with last week told me he is guaranteed to lose money in the market. I have to be honest I never really thought there were any guarantees of the market, but this young man is correct, there is one and that is there will be a downturn over his lifetime.

When that downturn takes place is the gamble you take. You may think it’s easier to take it while you are younger but it truly doesn’t matter. Lost money is lost money and you will never get back what you lost and what could have been. Never.

You need to be sure you have some guaranteed money to live on. Wishing and hoping just isn’t enough and will not get you where you want to be.

Sit down with me today for your free consultation and learn how you can have the money today and a guaranteed income for retirement.

Mary Jo